Reaping the richness from the land

The farm has a total of 32 Ha of land consisting of about 10 Ha of vineyards, 1 Ha of olive groves, 10 Ha of arable land, 9 Ha of woods and the remainder comprises an orchard and a walnut grove. Agricultural activity is undertaken in accordance with principles for environmental conservation, biodiversity and food security by minimising the use of synthetic chemicals.

Our land

A land rich in precious resources, a soil rich in substances that make our products unique.

The vineyards are located on sandy clay soil slopes of the hills surrounding the farm, at an altitude between 150 and 180 meters above sea level, gently ascending towards the valley of the Resco river. The land is worked by mechanical means, and the vines are protected from fungal diseases with products based on copper and sulphur.


The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand using small crates, which allows for the selection of the best grape clusters for the production of our high quality wine.


Our historic wine cellar is located in the semi-basement of the eighteenth-century former granary building. The red wine is produced using traditional low-intervention techniques, with vinification in stainless steel tanks, where the must remains in contact with the skins of the grapes, adding colour and body to the wine. This process takes 10-20 days, after which the wine is transferred to steel or brick tanks for maturation. For some of our wines we use oak barrels (tonneau and barrique) to allow further complexity of taste and structure. The stainless steel tanks are fitted with a nitrogen system to prevent oxidation of the wine before bottling. The total capacity is 600 hl.


The layout of the building, with the cellar partially underground and the external courtyard positioned above it, permits the use of gravity when filling the tanks during the grape harvest. The thick stone walls within the ground provide natural insulation, with storage of the wine at a controlled temperature of around 18° C.


From our vineyards we produce four types of wine,
each with its own personality and style.
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